Let’s work together!

Our objective is to work together with you to provide your patients with comprehensive implant care involving a team approach. Dr. Cajee is here to help you treatment plan your patients and provide the foundation for successful implant treatment. The goal of our treatment is to simplify your work providing healthy and long lasting results.

Dr. Cajee is trained in implant surgery and prosthetics. He loves helping his colleagues where they need the most help for their patients; the treatment planning, the surgical phase, and/or the prosthetic phase. It could be with a specific phase of implant treatment or the entire treatment. Dr. Cajee uses the latest in surgical biologics, CBCT technology, and 3D printing to personally deliver high quality results. Click here read more about Dr. Cajee and his work.

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I have known Dr. Cajee for a couple of years, I have witnessed the excellent work he does with every single patient under his care; which I try to incorporate in my practice as well. Dr. Cajee is always eager to share his clinical skills and extensive knowledge with other colleagues. I consider my self fortunate [to work] with him. I don’t hesitate to refer patients under my care for a consultation with Dr. Cajee because I know they will [have an] excellent experience.
— Dr. Uriel Badillo
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